Child Support Agency (CSA) Free 0345 Phone Number

Child Maintenance is financial support towards your child/children’s everyday living costs when you’ve separated from the other parent. You can arrange this privately or can use the Child Maintenance service.

CSA Free Phone Number

CSA (Child Support Agency) Contact Number: 0345 713 3133

The Child Maintenance Service canĀ help you with:

  • Locating the other parent (if you don’t know where they live)
  • Resolve disagreements over parentage
  • Calculate how much child maintenance should be paid
  • Arrange for the ‘paying’ (one who doesn’t have the main day-to-day care) parent to pay child maintenance
  • Pass payment to the ‘receiving’ parent
  • Review the payments if circumstances change
  • Annual payment reviews
  • Take action if payments are not made